Colours, Lines and Vintage Tiles | Decobella

A customer once said that the most interest she had shown in a certain country started by looking at vintage decorative tiles, believe it or not. Most people dream of faraway exotic locations for holiday purposes, whereas she started off with an urge to indulge in a little retail therapy or more so, retail research.

Starting off with the journey, browsing through catalogues and searching through images on the internet, a certain tile grabbed her attention on the Decobella website and catalogue, at the speed of a lightning bolt. Searching and finding that the tile who had by now become her odd life interest is a vintage decorative tile by Francisco Segarra that enthralled her interest to the extent of her staring at a tile, creating worlds and imagine rooms lined and decorated in this vintage fashion which is making a fast come back.

The Francisco Segarra Decorative Vintage Tiles depict an old worldly whimsical feel. The tile that swooned our customer, the Decobella FS-1, has a star-like outline, meeting in the middle with a fish-eye effect. The blue, yellow and white reaching into the outer corners of the four squared tiles like sunrays. In the middle of the rays are patterns resembling a throne and in the middle of the four squared tiles, a circle lined with yellow and blue surrounds a leafy and flowery pattern of white. Taking three colours that are pretty “normal” and boring when used separately but when they are used together they can form a work of art!

The tiles create a feeling of relaxation, yet excitement which carries you away to a land unknown or as our customer described it, that the tiles extended and become a new obsession to reveal the identity of this unknown land.

By looking at product images of Decobella’s FS Marrakech range of decorative tiles, it leaves you inspired to visit Morocco which is also what inspired this range. The images assault the mind with palaces and homes where vintage decorative tiles like the Francisco Segarra Star tile, are placed on the floor and walls, mixed and matched to create a ballad of curly motives, flowery designs, colourful strokes and lines. It’s like stepping onto a field of colour or entering the Palais Bahia in Morocco!

The Francisco Segarra Vintage Decorative Tile Range can have a person infatuated to the point of obsessiveness. These tiles had our customer scouring the internet for images of buildings across the world where Francisco Segarra tiles have been featured or which resembles this tile range. She found that the classical Moroccan palaces were the most inspirational. The country itself is a canvas of colour that wants to be taken in one tile at a time!

The Vintage Tiles by Francisco Segarra can make any home an exotic palace without spending a king’s treasure to build it. The vintage tiles are perfect for stores, kitchens, rooms and restaurants. Whether you adorn the walls with Francisco Segarra or the floors of an antique shop, you will bring Morocco to your home.

The range offers a wide variety of patterns and designs and is also available in various colours and colour combinations. The beautiful thing about these tiles are the versatility and the ability to allow the customer to be creative.

The tiles are a work of art on their own but they work well together. Mixing and matching the tiles and colours gives the customer the chance of creating a unique look and feel to the home that could make any lifestyle magazine want to book a photoshoot.

And, as mentioned before, the vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular and not just locally. The classical look has made its come back internationally and it is a big one! The “old look” first reared its head with the vintage cars, shined and spotless at car shows and events. Then the models took to the catwalk displaying classical numbers that would make Marilyn Monroe proud. The next trend to follow was stone and sand for the home and with it the vintage look of old tiles. What is prettier than a dessert oasis? The answer: an oasis with a Moroccan Palace, popping with bright colours and showcasing tiles from Decobella’s catalogue inspired by Francisco Segarra.

Decobella’s Vintage Decorative Tile Collection brings together all the inspiration of Francisco Segarra and Morocco and conveniently captures a selection in their catalogue that will leave you in awe with every page you turn.

Decobella’s service extends to assisting with finding the right vintage tile that meets your requirements.