Not too long ago, plain floors and walls paired with wooden finishes or 3D décor tiles were the in-thing in the world of home design. Although the clean lines, the abstract modern style and monochrome look is still a popular trend and perhaps a personal favourite for many, Patterned Tiles have made a pleasing return in 2018.

Since the late 1800s, geometric designs adorned the buildings of Europe in a classical colouring of black and white. The designs expanded to mosaic floor tiles as well as porcelain and ceramic wall tiles, which was available in a variety of elegant colours and patterns.

Not only found in the homes of Victorians, geometric designs and Pattern Tiles are found in Mosques throughout the times. Greeting visitors with a unique marriage of colours and shapes, filling them with a warm glow.Pattern Tiles have always been a part of our history with its flirt of lacy flower designs, circles and squares, Patterned Tiles have become iconic and the style, everlasting.

With yearly trends flailing between sleek, clean, earthy and modern to complicated designs, the Pattern Tiles are an easy classical choice for any individual seeking to style a wall or floor. For a few, imagining an overly floral or zigzag room of irregular lines and bright spots of colour repeated on one another is a bit over the top. But the beauty of pattern tiles are that they are meant to be mixed and matched – it allows you to go crazy and the best thing about it is, it will look very stylish when you do go ballistic!

The Pattern Tile’s versatility leaves the design possibilities virtually endless. Imagine a white box… In this white box, tile the floor black and then choose a wall that stands out to you. Accentuate the wall with a lovely Patterned Tile such as the Pattern Berkley Charcoal Tile offered by Decobella. A tease of charcoal with white floral patterns play out in a person’s mind. Now, remove the charcoal with the white and add a dash of colour to the wall. Look at the FS Chester range by Decobella for inspiration. With its rusty red and brown squares, surrounding a blue diamond and edging off into black spikes, the Pattern Tiles by Decobella can bring any room to life.

Tile the wall up to half, start at the bottom or start at the top, tile a single row, tile it all the way from the floor to the roof. The tiling brush is in your hand and the designs endless! Imagine a different tile on the wall, or use it in conjunction with another Pattern Tile range by Decobella. The Hexagon Andalusi range by Decobella is a design that brings back summertime memories of surfing and citrus. With its perky patterns and playful mixes of yellow, orange, white, blue, green and black, it can make any room burst with fun.

Using pattern tiles in your interior planning will provide you with so much creative freedom to express the mood you wish to carry across in every room. From a classical and relaxing Decobella Hex Grazia tile to a funky and spontaneous effect with Decobella Hex Andalusi.

Tiling hasn’t ever been this fun!