Stoked about Subway Tiles | Decobella
When researching a tile, often customers are met with a square or rectangular tile made of ceramic or porcelain which comes in a variety of colours. People know what they like, and usually people like what they can see.

Ever spot the glossy rectangular shaped tiles that are reminiscent of steaks grilling and chefs running like soldiers to the bell beat? Often, glossy white or black rectangular tiles are found in butcheries and restaurants giving it that vintage New York feel but still conceptualising cleanliness and hygiene. The rectangular gloss tiles often used in restaurants, delis, butcheries and even in modern day kitchens are called Subway Tiles.

The first image that formulates when hearing the name, Subway Tile, would be the subway stations of New York and this would be absolutely correct. The history surrounding the subway tile dates back to the early 1900s when George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge designed the first Subway System in New York for the Interborough Rapid Transit Company. Their designs featured the tiling of the subway walls with white and glossy rectangular tiles.

The Subway Tile soon reached out from the metro lines and became a growing trend which was welcomed into homes. As tiles were always synonym to ease of cleaning, and this was before subways became grubby, the subway tiles were thought of as hygienic and it was rightly so. Because of the smooth surface of the subway tile, it remains easily cleanable and the first choice when fitting a kitchen. Subway tiles are degreased with minimum effort and wiping the tiles can remove all sorts of splatters that may occur. These qualities are exactly what appeal to many restaurant owners and home designers when incorporating the Subway Tile into kitchens and bathrooms.

But aside from the obvious choice when it comes to keeping it clean, the subway tile is also very fashionable and can be styled in a variety of ways. If you want to break away from the brick look, the herringbone and chevron pattern can be a good option, leaving you with an elegant modern take of an American classic.

And while keeping it fabulous like the city that never sleeps, white and black can seem a bit limiting. The good news is, although initially the Subway Tiles were only available in white and black, it is now available in quite a few other inspiring colours to spark up your walls. Have a look at the Decobella Oblong range which provides you with a variety of layout ideas and features Oblong Alchimia, Oblong Soul and Oblong Colonial. The Oblong range of Subway Tiles spoils you for choice with colours such as Aqua, Olive, Ivory, Jade and Marine. If that isn’t enough Subway Tile eye candy, Decobella will soon be introducing the Opal Mocha Metro Tile too. This certainly is a good reason to be tickled pink. With colour matching and multiple layout combinations, you are fast on your way to design a feature wall in your home fit for broadway.