Thinking about retiling your pool for summer ? Here’s what you need to know about pool tiles according to the tile experts at Decobella.

There are three ‘types’ of pools

  • Gunnite is a variation of concrete – the significant difference being the application.
  • Concrete pools are an in-ground pool type that requires you to dig a hole, create a structure with steel reinforcements, and pour concrete into it. Concrete pools often allow you to create any design you like.
  • Fibreglass lining can be used to line gunnite and marbleite pools for an attractive, durable, and strong finish. Although this is a desirable option, it has drawbacks that many homeowners fail to anticipate.

Which type can you tile onto?

Technically, all three but a Gunnite pool is the best suited.

The average tile height of 30cm is standard for many pool builders when creating a waterline at the top of the pool. This is done using ceramic or porcelain tiles with less than 3% porosity. Decobella has 15x15cm pool suitable tiles which can be double stacked to create the same waterline feature.

Did You Know

Probably a few homeowners don’t know that these tiles are not only for decorative purposes but also to help with maintenance. The oscillation of water levels at the top of a pool waterline (scum line) on bare concrete or Gunnite-type pools becomes problematic if not maintained or managed consistently.

For this reason, among many others, homeowners are tiling their entire pool as the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term expenses and installation.

Why Tile Your Entire Pool?

  • Requires less maintenance.
  • The pool will have a longer lifespan.
  • It is more hygienic.
  • Control of colours – it is easier to achieve the desired look with tiles that reflect light.
  • Eliminates the visible watermark between the traditional tile lining on top and the concrete below within pools.
  • It is gentler on the feet, making it feel smoother.
  • If you have anti-slip coping or tiles around the pool, it is an absolute pleasure to hop n and out of the pool with peace of mind knowing there’s much less risk of injury by slipping.
  • Any aesthetics around your pool can be tiled to compliment your pool. Example – outside shower or patio.

Decobella already stocks a variety of pool-friendly tiles, but with their new Bali collection, they’re stepping things up a bit:

Bali Collection

pool tiles

The Aqua-marine 15x15cm is already available in stock, with the Stone black and Stone Brown arriving in early May. Stone black and stone brown are produced with anti-slip features, making these stylish collections very safe.

pool tiles


Other popular choices in Decobella’s offering include the Amazonia, Contemporary, Floriana and Fiorella porcelain collections.

pool tiles

Amazonia Collection

pool tiles

Contemporary Collection